The Pura Vida Story

PURA VIDA = PURE LIFE is a term commonly used to reflect eternal optimism in the majestic country of Costa Rica.

It was during a vacation in Costa Rica we initiated the idea to establish a one-stop-shop “destination” for every person who desires to enhance their lifestyle, self-esteem, and feel great about themselves = PURA VIDA.

We cater to all those who want to look and feel their best and care about their lifestyle, health, self-esteem, wellness, appearance, and well-being.

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From Our Customers

״I love everything about this brand. All of the products are sustainable. The delivery is really quick, and the service is warm and friendly :)״

Julie Morris

״The stuff is really amazing here. I was searching for this kind of eco shop for a long time. This shop is a great fit for vegans like me, strongly recommended!״

Brian Kelly